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《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

Fashion Bible》时尚圣典一直以真实的时尚被大家喜欢,今年的夏季服装让大家眼前一亮,今天给大家带来的是2020年口碑最好的10大护肤品排行榜,竟然还有一款中国的产品入榜,实在不可思议,让我们一起来看看吧,翻译来自百度翻译和我自己的一点英文知识,如有不对,请大家指正。

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

1 兰蔻小黑瓶肌底液


1 Lancome small black bottle

This is the second generation of upgraded Dell black bottle. In the process of continuous use, it helps the skin to be fine and coarse pores, smooth fine lines, moisturize and smooth aging texture, give full play to the independent effect of the black bottle, and change the skin condition.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

2 雅诗兰黛小棕瓶眼霜


2 Estee Lauder small brown bottle eye cream

El's best-selling products of N years, light and thin texture, super moisture, easy to absorb. It can delay the aging of the eyes, fade the dark circles, anti wrinkle, lift and tighten the eyes. It can solve all the skin problems of the eyes in one bottle. The trend of this eye cream is very good.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

3 sk2 神仙水


3 SK2 immortal water

花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感Its full name is skin care essence, and P & G's official and SK2 officials have publicly admitted that the content of pitera in each bottle of SK2 is not less than 90%, and even in the list of ingredients, water is even behind the core ingredient.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

4 宣致蜗牛原液面膜


4 zeeskycn snail  mask

This year's new award, this is the natural snail liquid mask from the Yellow River, Henan, China. Snail's solution is called skin care gold solution. Its skin care effect is very good. Most of the products are synthetic snail juice. The natural temperature and humidity of the Yellow River old road is one of the main producing areas of snails. The raw materials are supplied by many famous manufacturers, so it is trustworthy and skin care. The effect is very good.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

5 娇润诗身体护理油


花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感5 Clarins body care oil

花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感The new supersedes the old. CLARINS's drainage body care oil, which contains natural plant extracts and essential oils, is used as part of the shaping plan to tighten skin tissue and stimulate skin metabolism. Expel, filter and remove toxins. Improve the texture.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

6 安耐晒防晒霜


6 a sun proof sunscreen

Sun proof spf50 +, PA + + + +, these indexes reveal the sun proof ability of sun proof. But we all know that the more powerful the sunscreen, the greater the burden on our skin.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

7 玉兰油保湿乳

为肌肤补充水份及滋润成份! OLAY滋润保湿乳液结合最新保湿配方,能迅速补充肌肤水份,完全不油腻。

7 Olay Moisturizer

Moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients for skin. OLAY moisturizing and moisturizing lotion combined with the latest moisturizing formula can quickly replenish skin's moisture and is completely greasy.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

8 资生堂新透白精华


花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感8 Shiseido new whitening essence

花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感A new cherry blossom defense technology is added to each single product. It is extracted from the cherry blossom, which is famous for its white and delicate petals. It can inhibit the production of pigment manufacturing instructions of epidermal pigment cells and reduce the production of melanin.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

9 科颜氏金盏水爽肤水


花瓣女神,女性,时尚,美容,美妆,减肥,健身,母婴,亲子,娱乐,明星,两性,情感9 Kiehl's Calendula Water Toner

Natural Calendula ingredients are added to the non-alcoholic koyan marigold plant skin activating water, which can gently clean and relieve the moderately oily skin, balance and regulate the oil of the skin, and is suitable for various skin types, especially the oily skin and the mixed skin troubled by acne.

《Fashion Bible》时尚圣典发布2020年10大受欢迎护肤品排行榜

10 雅漾活泉喷雾


10 Avene live spring spray

It contains natural silica, which can form a layer of soothing and ventilating protective film on the skin, reducing the stimulation of the external environment on the skin. Combined with other microelements, it can enhance skin tolerance, reduce sensitivity, make skin smooth, delicate and pure, which is very suitable for daily soothing and hydrating skin care of sensitive skin and healthy skin.





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